Without a Tax Clearance Certificate you won’t be able to:

  • Submit any government tender
  • Transfer property
  • Complete BEE verification and certification
  • Get Reserve Bank approvals
  • Be on a supplier database of most companies
  • A Tax Clearance Certificate has become an integral part of doing business in South Africa and one that should be approached proactively in order to avoid unnecessary stress and costs when valuable business opportunities arise.

These may be the submission of a government tender, application to be added to a customer’s supplier database or even something as simple as registering a stand at an expo or conference. In fact, there are very few business opportunities that don’t require a TCC to be submitted as proof of your tax compliance.

Nolands Tax Department have the skills and expertise to assist our clients to apply and obtain a TCC. We are encouraging clients to start their 2016 off proactively by applying for a TCC before the end of the year. TCC’s are valid for 12 months and so, by obtaining yours now, you can already cross this off your list for 2016 and relax knowing it is taken care of for the year ahead.

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